[Advanced] YULS Génies WTO/FTA Law Database

This page has been created to introduce ULS Members to advanced level studies of WTO/FTA Law. Senior Members of ULS have contributed to the formulation and regular updating of this database. Your quest for domination begins here!

  1. Sources of International Law
    • International Economic Law
    • Basic Principles of the International Economic Order
  2. Relationship btw International Law and Municipal(Domestic) Law
    • WTO Law and Domestic Law
  3. Law of Treaties
    • WTO Member States
    • Interplay of WTO Law with Other Regimes of International Law
  4. International Protection of Human Rights
  5. Recognition
  6. Territory
  7. Jurisdiction
  8. Immunities from Jurisdiction
  9. Sovereignty and International Economic Relations
  10. State Responsibility
    • GATT 1994
    • Principles of Non-Discrimination
      • Most Favoured Nation (MFN) Clause
      • National Treatment Principle
    • Rules on Market Access
      • Tariffs, Quotas and Other Barriers to Market Access
    • Technical Barriers to Trade: TBT
    • Technical Barriers to Trade: SPS
    • Rules on Unfair Trade
      • Subsidies and Countervailing Duties
      • Antidumping
    • Safeguards
    • Export Control and National Security
    • Trade in Services (GATS)
    • Intellectual Property (TRIPS)
    • Government Procurement
    • Trade Liberalisation v. Other Societal Values and Interests
      • General Exceptions – GATT ART XX
    • Rules of Origin
    • Customs Valuation
    • Agreement on Trade-related Investment Measures (TRIMs)
    • Preshipment Inspection
    • Import Licensing
    • FTA
    • PTA
    • Finance and Investment Protection
    • Digital Contents
  11. International Environmental Law
    • Agriculture
    • Environmental Protection and Trade
    • Climate Change and WTO
  12. Developing Countries under WTO
  13. Trade and Investment
  14. Competition Policy and Trade
  15. State Succession
  16. Settlement of Disputes by Peaceful Means
    • Dispute Settlement under the WTO
  17. International Law and the Use of Force by States
  18. _____
  19. History of International Law
  20. Past and Present of the International Economic Order
  21. World Trade Organization, a History
  22. Enforcement of WTO Obligations: Remedies and Compliance
  23. Preferential Trade Agreements in the WTO
  24. Competition Policy and Trade
  25. Regional Integration of Markets

______2015年 8月 Competition Advanced Topics______

  1. GATS
  2. EU and WTO

______2014年 8月 Competition Advanced Topics ______

  1. GATS
  2. EU and WTO

______2013年 8月 Competition Advanced Topics ______

  1. GATS
  2. EU and WTO

______2012年 8月 Competition Advanced Topics ______

  1. GATS
  2. EU and WTO

______2011年 8月 Competition Advanced Topics ______

______2010年 8月 Competition Advanced Topics ______




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