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This page has been created to introduce ULS Members to advanced level studies of Public International Law. Senior Members of ULS and Edinburgh Jessup varsity Team have contributed to the formulation and regular updating of this database (including commentaries). Your quest for domination over PIL begins right here!

Introduction to Public International Law

Sources of International Law

  • Formal and Material Sources
  • Customary International Law
  • Treaties
  • General Principles of Law
  • Judicial Decisions
  • Writers
  • Other possible sources of International Law
  • Hierarchy of Sources and Jus Cogens (Preemptory Norm)
  • Sources in Competition
  • Sources : Relevant Court Rulings

Subjects of International Law

  • Legal Personality
  • State
  • Right of Peoples to Self-determination
  • International Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Subjects : Relevant Court Rulings


  • Creation of Statehood
  • Recognition
  • Right to Self-Determination
  • State Succession
    • Continuity and Succession
  • Special Cases
  • Statehood : Relevant Court Rulings

Sovereignty and Territory

  • Territorial Sovereignty
  • Acquisition of Additional Territory
  • Territorial Integrity and Self Determination
  • Sovereignty : Relevant Court Rulings


  • Principle of Domestic Jurisdiction
  • Legislative, executive and judicial jurisdiction
  • Civil Jurisdiction
  • Criminal Jurisdiction
    • Territoriality Principle
    • Nationality Principle
    • Passive Personality Principle
    • Protective Principle
    • Universality Principle
  • Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
  • Concurrent Jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction and the Sea
  • Sovereignty : Relevant Court Rulings

Immunities from Jurisdiction

  • Sovereign Immunity
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Diplomatic Law
  • Immunities : Relevant Court Rulings

Relationship btw Int’l Law and Municipal(Domestic) Law

State Responsibility

Whenever a State commits an internationally wrongful act against another State, responsibility of the former State arises towards the latter State for which reparation is required.

Law of Treaties

  • Making of Treaties
  • Reservations
  • Entry into Force
  • Application of Treaties
  • Termination
  • Invalidity
  • List of Treaties in World History
  • Law of Treaties : Relevant Court Rulings

Settlement of Disputes by Peaceful Means


 Law of the Sea

Maritime Security Law

Int’l Human Rights Law

Int’l Humanitarian Law


 Space Law

 Int’l Investment Law

 Int’l Criminal Law

War and Use of Force

Int’l Environmental Law









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