WTO/FTA Law Moot Court Competition

2015 WTO Team 03

WTO/FTA Law Moot Court Competition : Since 2010, WTO/FTA Law Moot Court Competition is an Annual Tournament sponsered by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Energy, and Trade (산업통상자원부) and Korean Society of International Economic Law ((사)한국국제경제법학회). World-widely renkown Guests such as Peter Van den Bossche (WTO Appellate Body Member), Valerie Hughes (WTO Secretariat Director of Legal Affairs), Werner Zdouc (Director of WTOAppellate Body), and Mitsuo Matsushita (WTO Appellate Body Member) have presided as Panelists and continue to do so.

Official Webpage (de-commissioned)

Newly furnished as the SNU-WTO Moot Court Competition (2017 The Asian WTO Moot Court and Trade Forum) in 2017, identical rules and format have been employed.

SNU Asian Pacific Law Center

Assessment by YULS :

  1. Prep Period             : ★★★★★
    • 6 Months minimum (excluding Tournament)
  2. Tournament Period   : ★★☆☆☆
    • Application begins in July and Oral Presentations take place in August
    • Memorandums are due late July
  3. Reputation/Honour   : ★★★☆☆
    • Recognition by the Korean Government
    • Opportunities for entering International Tournament w appreciation
    • Opportunity to meet and demonstrate one’s skills in front of internationally reknowned Professors and Experts in the field despite the fact that it is a domestic tournament
  4. Tournament Quality          : ★★★★★
    • Administration has demonstrated great dedication and enthusiasm, successfully inviting the most well re-knowned Professors on WTO FTA law year after year
    • English proficiency as well as expertise of the Court is guaranteed
  5. Records of YULS
    • 2012年 Octo-finalists (16강)
    • 2013年 Preliminary Rounds (예선)
    • 2015年 Quarter-finalists (8강)
    • 2018年 [ go ]
  6. Overall Assessment and Commentary : ★★★★☆
    • the first hands-on experience of legal research, writing memos and memorandums, oral presentation of legal arguments in front of Professors and colleagues in a competitive environment more than compensates for the dedication and diligence required in the preparation stages
    • competing head on head with law school students as well as experts in the field of Economic Law gives an accurate assessment of our members’ prospects and promise as a future law school student in the field of WTO/FTA
    • fierce competition is expected and long preparation period is demanded
    • [Click Here for Detailed Reviews and Real Accounts of Members]
  7. Recommended Courses @ Yonsei University :
    • Economic Law, Prof. Park Duk Young
    • WTO/FTA Law, Prof. Kim Jong Bum
    • FTA Law, Prof. Lee Hwajin
  8. Syllabus and  Schedule for YULS varsity Team : [Click]
  9. Recruiting and Application :
    • Go to News and Notices Board
    • Please contact us via yonsei.uls@gmail.com for any and all inquiries


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