War and Use of Force by States

War and Use of Force

Advisory Opinion on the Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons, ICJ Reports, 1996, pp. 226, 256; 110 ILR p. 163.

“‘The Law of Hague’, dealing primarily with inter-state rules governing the use of force or the ‘laws and customs of war’ as they were traditionally termed, and the ‘Law of Geneva’, concerning the protections of persons from the effects of armed conflicts, ‘have become so closely interrelated that they are considered to have gradually formed one single complex system, known today as international humanitarian law.”

“[t]he provisions of the Additional Protocols of 1977 give expression and attest to the unity and complexity of that law.”

History of War

  • Doctrine of Just War

The United Nations Charter and the Ban on Use of Force

Categories of Force

  • Armed Intervention
  • Aggression
  • War

Exceptions to the Ban on Use of Force

  • Article 51 of the UN Charter : Self-Defence
  • State Practice on Self-Defence

Acts of Terrorism

Use of Force Against Acts of Terrorism

Use of Force Prior to 1945


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Textbooks and Reference :

  • Chapter 21 International Humanitarian Law, Malcolm N. Shaw



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