ULS In-House Moot Court Competition 2017

Come November 2017, ULS will be hosting her very first intramural Moot Court Competition and Open House Finals! Featuring the dispute over the Excelsior Island Project and plight of Dorian Wrasse in the Malachi Gap, ULS will be offering you our most carefully chosen orators to delve into the most intricate legal complexities encompassing sources of international law, state responsibility, treaty obligations, and law of the sea. Cordially we invite all interested students and practitioners to join us in our festivities!!

  • Language : English
  • Date and Time : TBA
  • Location :  TBA

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Access the Compromis (Problem) ⇒ Here

  • What is the Compromis?
    • A formal document executed by the Applicant (Amalea) and Respondent (Ritania) containing their (1) agreement to submit this dispute regarding the Excelsior Island Project in the Malachi Gap to the International Court of Justice and (2) facts to the dispute agreed upon by both Parties.



Ritania’s acts and omissions with respect to the development of Excelsior Island violated international law, and Amalea is therefore entitled to seek compensation from Ritania for economic losses caused by the landslide Ritania’s conduct with respect to the Excelsior Island Project complied in all respects with its obligations under international law and the terms of the Malachi Gap Treaty, and Ritania has no obligation to compensate Amalea for any loss or damage caused by the 2014 landslide

Final Rounds

 Seulbin, Hyeji, Gabin, Seungmin

Sun, Rhaun, James, Daniel

Syllabus   Summary of Facts   Memorandum

Syllabus   Summary of Facts   Memorandum

Legal Analysis (IRAC)

  • Whether the Construction of Excelsior Island is legal under PIL
  • Whether EIGP’s dredging can be attributable to Ritania
  • What are available Remedies for Amalea
  • What are Ritania’s obligations under the Malachi Gap Treaty
  • What are Ritania’s obligations under CIL
  • Whether Ritania has satisfied its due diligence obligation under the Malachi Gap Treaty
  • Whether the Duty Not to Cause Trans-boundary Harm is applicable?
  • Whether Amalea needs to satisfy Exhaustion of Local Remedies Rule
  • What is the legal significance of an ICJ Provisional Measure

International Court of Justice Cases List ⇒ Here

Case Briefs

Registration for Open-House Finals ⇒ Here

Access Official Rules for IMCC 2017 ⇒ Here

Key Subjects to cover in Public International Law

  • Sources
  • International Law and Municipal LawJames
  • Territory
  • The Law of the Sea
  • JurisdictionSeungmin
  • State Responsibility – Seungmin
  • International Environmental Law
  • The Law of Treaties – James
  • International Court of Justice


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