The Ones Who Got In

ULS, Law School Alumni Interview: A Series

To celebrate our seven year anniversary, ULS has prepared an Alumni Interview series to introduce those of us whom have entered top tier law schools to pursue their dream careers and hear from them first-hand exactly how it is that they made it. Please enjoy!


  •  These are the questions we have prepared:
    • What were your aspirations when u decided to apply to law school?
    • How did you know that a certain school and program was right for you?
    • What do you believe were the qualities the law schools saw in you best?
    • How long have you prepared for the LSAT exams?
    • What kind of methods and strategies would you recommend in studying for the LSAT exams?
      • Self study or Academies?
      • Has additional reading outside of test preps helped you?
    • What kind of experiences (internship or otherwise) do you think are appreciated by law schools?
    • How are you paying for your tuition?
      • Do you have any advice on acquiring scholarships?

Please click HERE to add your own questions to our Alumni!

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