Strategy in Closing Statement : “Life can be Cruel, sometimes”

Life : on Cruelty of Society and Rejection on Grounds of Social Fitness

Point : “Cruelty is Life, sometimes”

Defendant Closing Statement on Case of dis-membered C

  1. Reclaiming Plaintiff’s Argument on what College Experience is About + Description of Reality = Outside World as “pretty tough”, mild version of and suggestive of ‘cruelty’
    • “College is also about preparing students for the Outside world. Last time I checked, its pretty tough out there. There is the old adage nice guys finish last there is some truth to that.”
  2. Description of Opponent as Kind/Sensitive + Another Personal Experience which demonstrates the Lesson in Life “even the kind sensitive people can be cruel”
    • “I happen to know opposing counsel is a fundamentally kind man. Sensitive. He chose to exploit my asperger syndrom to win this case. My very best friend, a lawyer, I had a case against not too long ago. He too exploited my aspergers. He is a very good man, who opted for cruelty as strategy.”
  3. Claim Plaintiff’s experience as learning a Lesson in Life + Describe how the fashion Plaintiff learned it was indeed Education befitting College :
    • “If Plaintiff (…) comes out of this experience thinking that people can be cruel even the kind sensitive ones, if she’s learned that she is will be judged not simply on merit or the content of her character  but how she looks and socializes with others she has got an eucation one that will serve her for life.”
  4. Punch Line for Exit with the Lesson :
    • “This is a free society. People get to chose their friends clubs get to chose its members. Sometimes it is very ugly and unfair. That is life.”




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