Parliamentary Style Debate

This is an intermediary course of British Parliamentary Style Debate. In this course, we will be exploring the structure of parliamentary style debate, classical subjects and issues, and speech style and techniques. Students shall set aside time for assigned reading and additional research into their weekly schedules to ensure the quality of discussions and active participation.

All in-session debates will be filmed and distributed to students along with a thorough evaluation of their performances at the end of every month.

No Prior Experience or Textbooks are Required, however, excellent command of English is preferred. All Study Materials will be provided each week via our homepage.

Each lesson will be 2 Hours minimum.

Textbook :

  • The Tools of Argument, Joel P. Trachtman
  • Competitive Debate The Official Guide, Richard E. Edwards
  • A Rulebook for Arguments, Anthony Weston
  • Satan’s Advice to Young Lawyers, Aleister Lovecraft


Tutors :


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Content Description
Lesson #00 Try-Outs

3 Min Speech on “Death Penalty”

Lecture #01 :

Various Debate Formats + Structuring a Speech

Assignment : Reading Packet #01 Death

In order for the assigned coach to assess the current performance and skill level of willing participants, all students will be asked to give a 3 minute speech at the podium on the issue of “death penalty.”

Assignment will be to analyze thoroughly the contents within the reading packet distributed to each student, bring a thoroughly reviewed hard copy for the next session, and be prepared for discussions.

Lesson #01


Reading Packet #01 Review

Debate on Motion #01

Lecture #02 : Prime Minister Speech

The reading assignment packet will be reviewed during the session as a group by freely addressing various issues arising naturally.

A British Parliamentary Style format debate will be adopted:

(3 speakers on 3 speakers, each with 5 minutes of speaking time)

Lesson #02 Impromptu Debate

Lecture #03 : Whip Speech

Assignment : Reading Packet #02

Unlike a prepared debate, the impromptu debate motion will be revealed at the beginning of each session and the debate will take place after 30 minutes of preparation time.
Lesson #03 Reading Packet #02 Review

Debate on Motion #02

Lecture #04 :

Constructive Arguments (Deputy Prime Minister’s Speech)

Lesson #04 Impromptu Debate

Lecture #05 : Point of Informations (POI)

Assignment : Reading Packet #03

Lesson #05 Reading Packet #03 Review

Debate on Motion #03

Debate Review

Lesson #06 Impromptu Debate

Lecture #06 : Developing Own Styles

Debate Review

Assignment : Reading Packet #04

Lesson #07 Reading Packet #04 Review

Debate on Motion #04

Debate Review

Lesson #08 Impromptu Debate

Video Analysis of Performance

All performances upto this point will have been filmed and meticiulously analyzed by the team coach and advisory board of YULS. This session will provide the students to witness firsthand and assess for themselves the validity of all past instructions and recommendations they have received.
Lesson #09 Impromptu Debate

Debate Review

Lecture #07 : Research

Assignment : Reading Packet #05

Lesson #10 Debate on Motion #05

Debate Review

Lecture #08 : Individual Tips + Team Strategy

Lesson #11 Impromptu Debate

Debate Review

Assignment : Reading Packet #06

Lesson #12 Reading Packet Review #06

Building a Case for Motion #06

This session will be utilized to help students formulate the most concrete and compelling case for both sides in preperation for the demonstration debate set for the last session.
Lesson #13 Open Debate Session

(Intra-mural Friendly Tournament)

Coach – Parent QNA Session

An open debate session for parents and fellow students will be held as a demonstration of the newly acquired skills and improvements in performance of participant students.

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2015年 Gwangju City National Debate Tournament Champions

  • 2014年 YTN HUFS Junior Youth English Debating Championship Octo-Finalists