Members of YULS provide the below services to guide and lead via quality education and meaningful exchange. Deeply rooted in humanistic beliefs such as that respect in a relationship must be properly earned and good-willed efforts must be proportionately awarded in a community, we are ready to lend a hand out to any and all willing applicants.

Career in Law

College Life

Foreigners in Korea

Undergraduate Law

Law School (JD)

Graduate School (LLM, PhD)

Exam Preps (LSAT, LEET, GRE)

Citation Guide

Internship Programs

Law Courses

Moot Court

Language Tests (TEPS, TOEFL, TOEIC)

Essay Review

Having issues with Local Law Enforcement as a foreigner? We offer pro bono consultation and interpretation/translation Here.

[ ULS Clinic ]



“Learn from the Best”

  • Parliamentary Style Debate
  • Mock Trial / Moot Court
  • College Application

Experienced Members await you. Please contact us via citing your request in detail.


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