Project ROK 2017

2017 Presidential Election for Republic of Korea

The purpose of this Project is to provide a credible CV of  possible Candidates in the 2017 South Korean Presidential Elections to better inform the public. May the odds be forever in your favour!



Born in 1991.09.04, Seoul (26 of Age)

BA in Political Science and International Relations

No Previous Voting Record in the National Assembly

No Party Affiliation / Military Service Completed

Monthly Income : 100,000 KRW

Monthly Expenditure : 350,000 KRW

Key Vowes Made and Kept in Office : None

Policy Proposals : (1) No Mandatory Military Service, (2) Assembly Member’s Payment to 500,000 KRW max, (3) Death Penalty to Criminals convicted of Voice Phishing and Reckless Driving




Click  [ here ] to read “Qualities of a Leader, the South Korean President” by Mina, explaining the proper criteria of evaluation when electing a political leadership. Her views have been mildly bookmarked by this project.

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