Presidential Greetings

Welcome All ULS Members!


  • Gabin Park (2017年 – )
    • Welcome to Yonsei Underwoood Law Society (YULS), where you can develop your legal passion and dreams into exciting plans for your future. YULS is a close-knit academic society that emphasizes highest academic standards in studying law and focuses on collaborative work and team-based learning.
      Our passion is to offer our members an unmatched academic experience whereby we create our own contents and become pioneers of our academic journey.
      In the spring semester of 2017, YULS will hold biweekly study sessions to collaborate on drafting a memorandum to a past Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. This exercise will not only prepare our members for future moot court competitions, but also provide an enriching opportunity to conduct an in-depth study of the public international law and its application in the real world. Join us in this exciting journey!
  • Sunmin Sofi Kim (2016年 – )
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  • Taeyoon Daniel Hwang (2015年)
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  • DongA James Shin (2014 – 2015年)
    • Yonsei ULS is where you make the most out of your passion for law. We are a small yet professional and highly capable community. Even though we are mainly composed of undergraduates, our intellectual caliber is unmatched by any group of students, undergraduate or graduate. If you are an aspiring lawyer or legal scholar, ULS is a perfect place for you.
  • Yesul Pae (2014年)
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  • Haram Lim (2013年)
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  • Seung Min Jung (2012 – 2013年)
    • In 2010, several Underwood International College (UIC) Freshmen separately carry out a courageous, yet fatal attempt: signing up for a senior law course to satisfy their intellectual infatuation and yearning. Two years later, four Founding Members participate in their very first Moot Court Competition as the representative team of Yonsei University, thereby marking the official establishment of Yonsei UIC Law Society. Hereon, begins our journey.