Point of Information (POI) – Offering

How to Offer an Effective POI

Point of Information or POI is an accepted abbreviated form of “I beg your pardon, but I respectfully disagree. May I ask you a question on that issue before you move on?” in a Parliamentary Debate, where the Speaker offering the POI to the Opponent Speaker at the podium will be either (1) given a chance to question the Opponent Speaker whom once he or she has accepted the POI must answer or (2) decline the offer. See below script for example.

  • Ex) Motion : THBT same sex marriage should be legalized.
  • Government Prime Minister               : “The choice to enter into a holy bond in front of an accepting societal community and loving family and peers as witnesses to the event with WHOMEVER WE WISH is a FUNDAMENTAL right which MUST be guarant…”
    • Opposition Deputy Prime Minister : “P.O.I. Ma’am.”
    • Government Prime Minister          : “…which MUST be guaranteed by any and all RESPONSIBLE government. Yes, what is your question, Sir?”
    • Opposition Deputy Prime Minister : “Marriage or Holy Matrimony as our Forefathers of this Great Nation have found fit was that between a man and a woman period. That is what the Constitution defends, nothing else.”
    • Government Prime Minister          : “Ah, yes. I fully understand your concern Sir, but…”                                                         [click here for Audio]

Tips :

  1. Once entertained, be Brief and To-the-Point
    • ex) “Harvard Law review in its most recent edition announced such exact claims you cite now as ‘unsubstantiated.’ What is your response?”
  2. Force your Opponent to Defend an Impossible Position
    • Ask Complex Questions
      • ex) “So is it your contention that …?”
  3. Optimize POIs not entertained as an Opportunity to Express your Disagreement
  4. Offer POIs simultaneously (all team members rise)
  5. Using a Variety of versions of the term POI are permitted.
    • ex) “Excuse me, Ma’am?”
    • ex) “On that point, Sir?”
    • ex) “Before you move on, Sir?”
    • ex) “If you would indulge me, Ma’am?”
    • ex) “Contradiction, Sir.”
  6. Notice that the POI need NOT always be in a question form.