Persecuted Individuals who screamed “Common Sense”

Persecuted Individuals who screamed “Common Sense”

Dimitri Hermes


   The public persecution of promising individuals who have found the mandatory military service as an obstacle to their success-within-reach is damning evidence of the vulgarity and cultural backwardness of my people. Being enslaved by the government and abused by its agents at the prime time of one’s life is accepted by the general public without protest and even condoned by some who go as far as to publicly ridicule and demonize others who understand the egregious injustice of such practice.

Whether it is a lack of intelligence that wouldn’t allow my people to perceive the simple fact that forced servitude absent his or her consent is a short way from slavery or a lack of humanity that wouldn’t allow them to understand and empathize with the young men of this nation whom are suffering and would have to continue to suffer from yet another failure of the elders of this nation, it is undetermined. There is no hope for the generation of the past. It is crucial that I properly educate the young minds before they also become corrupted and polluted by what this nation has become and the components living inside it.

[List of Persecuted Individuals for their refusal to be Enslaved] updated as of 22 JUL 15

  • 유승준 (  ),
  • 박주영 (  ), Professional Football Player, 2014
  • 배상문 (29), Professional Golf Player, 2015

** 1.1. 군복무를 의무화한 범인(犯人)은 누구인가?

** 2.1. 나는 무엇을 위해 21개월, 669일, 16,056 시간, 963360 분을 내다버려야만 했는가?

“SCHADENFREUDE” : 내가 추측하는 답안이다. “pleasure derived from the misfortune of others” 가 사전적 의미인 “schadenfreude”라는 인간의 본성은 한국의 의무 군복무제를 존속시키고 있는 강한 원동력이자 한국인들의 문화적 후천성을 반증하는 것이다.

본인의 동의를 구하지 않은 채 국가가 개인의 신체적, 정신적 자유를 구속하는 행위는 예외적인 몇가지 상황을 제외하고는 절대로 용납되어서는 안되는 것이다.

군인이 된다는 것은 무엇을 의미하는가? 많은 사람들의 무지(無知)로 인해 군생활에 대해 생겨난 오해가 있는데 그것이 군대란 “바쁜 일상 생활으로부터의 탈출, 휴가” 혹은 “잠시 쉬어가고 자신을 성찰할 수 있는 시간”

**  2.2. 나는 무엇을 위해 21개월, 669일, 16,056 시간, 963360 분을 내다버리기로 하였는가?



** 입대는 누가 하는 것이 정의(正義) 인가?

군인이 되는 것이 본인에게 도움이 되는 사람이 가는 것이 좋을 것이다.


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