¡No os rindáis!

¡No os rindáis! (2013), Stéphane Frédéric Hessel

Seungmin Jung

Hessel provides a keen insight in that the political nature and appetite of men must be reinstated based on human conscience (38). However, his resolute position to refrain from abandoning the current failure of a political system despite its enslaved status to monetary powers is, in my belief, definately a source of concern (39). Hessel suggests “entrism,” an infiltration into the currently existing political parties of citizens in order to reinstate political participation and revive democracy (40). Such suggestion while is an idealistic alternative to the status quo

Oligarquía is the term correctly applied by Hessel to demonstrate the status quo: the exercise of authoritative power by a minority of people of the same societal status through formulating the government or the group of people themselves (42). I agree that the inevitable result of such phenomenon hijacking “democracy” is unconscionable and unjust (42). Sharp reduction in numbers of permanent occupations, massive unemployment, rise in numbers of young NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), and people losing homes due to their failure to pay debts are but a few examples of such results. Oligarquía maintains a dismissive attitude towards the people and proliferates distrust, apathy, and confusion amongst them (43). The irresponsible culture bred out of the collusion between political and economic authorities is well demonstrated in the recently revealed corruption prosecutions in Spain (44).

삼자 위원회, 다보스포럼, 빌더버그 클럽

Absence of “trust”

Interesting yet fatally frustrating is the response of South Korean youth to such circumstances in the status quo; to without a second thought, take part in the vicious cycle of economic competition as individuals aiming for an elevation in his/her societal status (ultimately to join the oligarquía rather than denounce it) absent consideration for the revival of democratic values through political participation.

The role of the Liberal Left Hessel articulates for France is inapplicable in South Korea for the (47).

The following is suggested as a solution: (1) A stricter legal guideline and penal system aimed at government employees and public figures in order to regenerate the conscience of those burdened with a societal mission. (2) The rise of an influential civil movement based on the reinstated political participation of its members. (3) The restoration of people’s trust towards their leaders and respective political parties whom have prioritized political survival and sustainment of apportioned powers over their original roles as entrusted representatives of the people,




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