[Advanced Debate] Team Génies

Classic Debate Motions and Subjects

Crime and Justice

  • THBT Death Penalty should be abolished
  • THBT a woman’s Right to Abortion should be absolute




 Media and Entertainment


 Environment and Nature


 Art and Culture


 Illness, Medicine, and Death

  •  THBT AIDS drugs should be provided to Developing Countries


 Economy and Development


 Technology and Science


 Religion and Faith


 War, Terrorism, and Use of Force

  •  THBT War Crimes Tribunals are justified


 Family, Community, and Humanity

  •  THBT adolescents over the age of 14 should be trialed in Court as adults




 Democracy and Politics
  •  THBT “Show me your Papers” Laws should be repealed


 Education and Parenting


 Foreign Policy and Sovereignty

  •  THBT the appeasement policy towards North Korea is the best way to resolve conflicts in the peninsula





  •  THBT national history textbooks taught in public schools should be published by the government


 Happiness and Health




 Identity and Intelligence


 Immigration and Refugees




 Language and Literature




 Magic, Illusion, and Reality


 Marketing & Business


 Morality and Growth




 Human Rights



  •  THBT Park Taehwan should not be allowed to participate in the Olympics




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Major Constructs and Commentaries by ULS

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  • Catalon Independence Movement
  • Brexit
  • Las Vegas Shooting



  • Artificial Intelligence (Alpha-Go)
  • Panama Papers
  • Syrian Refugees
  • Impeachment of President Park
  • Korean Airlines “Peanut Incident”
  • Black Lives Matter Movement
  • “Doping” in the Olympics


  • Gay Couple’s Right to Marriage
  • Great Divergence
  • Islam State (ISIL)
  • Corruption in FIFA







  • Illegal Chinese Fishing Vessels in South Korean EEZ








  • Financial Crisis