Law and Democracy

Law and Democracy
Professor: Ki Hyun seok
Language : Korean
Seungmin Lee

1. Class Composition : ☆☆☆, At least 150 students are in the class. And the professor’s voice is not that loud so get the front row from the first place. Seats will be fixed during the 3rd lecture or 4th lecture, so make sure you arrive early and get the seat you want at that day.
2. Lecture Style : ★☆☆, Typical Korean lecture style. Most of the time, professor explains what’s on ppt slides so it can be boring. Taking a good note is the key. The content is mostly focused on Korean constitutional law. He sometimes asks students about the materials he dealt with during the previous section but this rarely happens as there are too many things to cover.
3. Workload : ★★☆ You basically have to memorize all the materials. Even those very details. Usually, the workload is little but when the term period comes, it gets hectic.
4. Perks : ☆☆☆ Just lectures.
5. Difficulty of Exams : ★☆☆, Exam itself is not difficult. It just requires you to memorize all those slides. If you are good at memorizing and meticulous, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, just read after reading and do it all over again. A lot of materials to memorize, a lot of multiple choices and short answers you have to handle.
6. Tips :
 If you are not good at typical Korean style lecture which involves tones of memorizing, just don’t take this course. There are too many Korean students in the class who are experts in that field.
 Be very detail-oriented. The test includes some fill-in-the blank question with Korean constitution clause.
 Take a good note. If you can’t, record the lecture.
7. For contact info and course materials, contact us via


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