International Law I

International Law I

Professor. Lee Ki Bum

Language : Korean

 A+ : So Eon Lisa Park

  1. Class Composition : ★☆☆, Almost 50 students per semester
  2. Lecture Style : ★★★, No discussion, just a one-sided lecture given by the professor. He will upload lecture notes prior to the class time so that the students could print them out beforehand and bring them to class. Professor only uses his lecture notes for his lectures.
  3. Workload : ★★☆, no additional work required (i.e. homework, report etc.) but exam preparations could be demanding.
  4. Perks : ☆☆☆, none.
  5. Difficulty of Exams : ★★★, exam questions are in both multiple choice questions and short-answer questions. Former is very specific in details so it is important to memorize every detail stated on the lecture notes. Latter tests how well you can apply what you have memorized into a hypothetical case with logic using appropriate legal analysis.
  6. Tips :
    • The lectures will be much easier to understand if you read the appropriate chapters before coming to class.
    • Attendance is very very important, so do NOT miss any classes! (No excuse will be taken)
    • Most of the students get the multiple questions right, so the relative curve will be affected by the shot-answer questions. It means that when you are memorizing, it is not wise to just memorize without forming a logical flow or a mind map.
    • This class is good for undergraduate students who are interested in studying Public International Law (under International Law), but if your interest is not in International Law but just ‘law’ and ‘law school’, I recommend you to take courses that are easy to get an A+ and focus on your LEET/LSAT. International Law takes a very small portion in any law schools (both US and Korea) and since it is not a domestic law, law school admission boards or law firms will not give you any credit for these classes. On top of that, when you graduate law school, no law firms in Korea deal with International Law, so unless you want to professionalize in this area, taking this course will not do any good.
  8. For contact info and course materials, contact us via


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