International Human Rights Law Moot Court Competition

2014 Human Rights Team 03

International Human Rights Law Moot Court Competition

International Human Rights Law Moot Court Competition : This competition has marked its 4th anniversary this August. It is the one and only moot court competition on international human rights law in Korea. The Competition is held at undergraduate and graduate levels, and while specific number of teams participating is unknown, a couple of dozen teams participate every year. The Competition revolves around a fictional human rights conflict between a Government (hence a Respondent) and a Petitioner (hence an Applicant). Each team, consisted of 3 members of either undergraduate or graduate students, is required to prepare a memorial (written submission) for each side and will be playing both sides during the finals (본선), which are conducted orally. There is no restriction as to the number of teams representing a college. Thus there could be teams of mixed affiliations/colleges and no collegiate rounds are needed.

Assessment by YULS:

  1. Prep Period  : ★★☆☆☆
    • 2 – 3 Months
    • Formation of Team is required by the end of Spring Semester
  2. Tournament Period : ★☆☆☆☆
    • Application begins in June, Compromis is released in July and Oral Presentations take place in August.
    • Summer Vacation Period.
  3. Reputation/Honour : ★★★☆☆
    • The honour of representing Yonsei University is NOT provided
    • Competition is still inchoate.
    • Yet, the Winning Team’s award by the Minister of Justice in addition to an opportunity to visit European Human Rights Courts for its team members are appealing.
  4. Judge Quality  : ☆☆☆☆☆
    • Due to the severe lack of experts within Republic of Korea, the competition inevitably suffers the ineptness caused by a small qualified judge pool.
    • Facilities and environment provided by the Organizing Committee were sub-standard.
    • Due to its new nature, several administrative and procedural glitches during the tournament included:
      • ex) In 2014, a team which had admitted several times during the court procedure that they have put away with their arguments stated in their written submission advanced to the semi-finals without any penalties.
      • ex) One of the Panelists (one of the Directors of the Foundation) explained in his ruling that it was the manner and attitude which had played a role not insignificant during the evaluation (over the substantive arguments).
      • ex) Several experts in the field of international law found the results of awards rather questionable. Although no official complaint was filed, the release of Written Submissions seemed to supported this view.
    • [Click Here for Detailed Reviews and Real Accounts of Members]
  5. Winning Records of YULS :
    • 2014年
      • Overall Octo-finalists (8강)
      • Excellent Memorial Award (서면우수상)
    •  2013年
      • Overall 3rd Place (3등)
  6. Overall Assessment and Commentary : ★★☆☆☆,
    • As mentioned above, the Competition is still in its nascent stage. It has shown insufficient management skills in numerous accounts. Absence of crowd control, air conditioning in the middle of Summer, unqualified judges, the distribution of Written Submissions of all teams weeks before the actual tournament are to name a few. Initially one star was considered, as the Competition still provides an invaluable chance to practice writing Korean submissions.
  7. Recommended Courses @ Yonsei University :
    • International Law and Governance, Prof. Kim Joon Gi
    • International Law I, Prof. Kim Dae Sun or Prof. Lee Ki Beom
    • International Law II, Prof. Kim Dae Sun or Prof. Lee Ki Beom
    • International Law, Prof. Kim Hyun Jung
    • Cases on International Human Rights Law, Prof. Sung Pil Hong
  8. Syllabus and  Schedule for YULS varsity Team :
  9. Recruiting and Application :
    • Go to News and Notices Board
    • Please contact us via for any and all inquiries



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