Human Rights : Theory and Practice

Human Rights : Theory and Practice

Professor Franciska Coleman

Language : English

A + :

  1. Short Introduction : Arbitration Law is …
  2. Class Composition : ★★★
    • Less than 8 students per semester
  3. Lecture Style : ★★★
    • Professor Kim is well known for his application of Socratic Method and high appreciation for class participation
    • Class environment is competitive as well as motivating
    • DH is short for “designated hitter” whom must be able to take on the Professor’s questions at any time during the week he/she has been assigned
  4. Workload : ★★☆
    • Additional work to the textbook requirement is minimal, however, is recommended for YULS Members
  5. Perks : ★★★
    • Professor Kim will invite you to numerous events where you can meet and interact with practitioners in the field Ex) In 2014, President John Beechey of the ICC Court of Arbitration was invited to give a presentation. Important figures of the KCAB (Korean Commercial Arbitration Board) as well as leading litigators in the field from Hongkong and Singapore were present.
  6. Difficulty of Exams : ★★★
    • a hypothetical case is provided for you to solve with the knowledge you have attained during class
    • Mid terms take 6 hours and Finals take 12 hours
  7. Tips :
    • ANSWER QUESTIONS NOT DIRECTED AT YOU – be prepared and dominate in answering questions given by the Professor especially on weeks when you are not the DS
    • DO THE RESEARCH OR YOU AINT PREPARED – Research terms and cases you are not familiar with which have appeared on your textbook assignment – if you have not, you are not prepared
    • PROFESSOR IS NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINION – When answering a question, do not provide a calculated guess or merely your opinion on the issue, but be prepared to relay example cases and opinions of scholars which are authoritative sources. Without the latter, the former is worthless.
    • ATTEND GUEST LECTURES AND SEMINARS YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO – be prepared with questions and witty comments + dress smart
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