Intermediary Level Course – Debate

Intermediary Level Course (Grade 7-9)

“6 Classic Debate Topics to Cover”

* Justice   * Morality   * Economics   * War   * Technology   * Education

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Syllabus for D International Middle School (DIMS)

Syllabus for SA  Middle School (SAMS)

Syllabus for SA School (SAS)



  • Open Tournaments in Republic of Korea, South
Period Qualifications Location
National School Debating Championship (NSDC) February and September

(Twice Annual)

N/A Seoul
NFL Korea


January (Annual) N/A
YTN HUFS Junior Youth English Debating Championship Late August (Annual) N/A HUFS
KFL-KFN Debate Tournament Early January (Annual) N/A
Gwangju City National Debate Tournament

(광주광역시 전국청소년영어토론대회)

Early September (Annual) N/A Jeonnam University
Korea English Debate Championship (KEDC) February (Annual) N/A Seoul
Korean Minjok Leadership Academy Debate Tournament (KMLA) NMSDC N/A KMLA
IET Debate Championship August (Annual) N/A DFLHS
HAFS Debate Championship

(Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies)

July (Annual) N/A HAFS
HAFS Mock Trial Competition Early February (Annual) N/A HAFS
HAFS Moot Court Competition Early January (Annual) N/A HAFS

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