Academic Year 2017


  1. Managing Partner
  2. Advisory Board
  3. Senior Partner
  4. Junior Partner
  5. Senior Associate
    • Richard Bambao (U.S. Army, Company level Supply specialist)
    • Jimin Kim (University of Southern California Business class of 2016)
    • Minseok Kim (Yonsei UIC TAD class of 2020)
    • Sangwook Sonny Kim (Indiana University class of 2017)
    • Sun Kim (Yonsei Justice and Civil Leadership class of 2020)
    • Yeonsoo Ryu (University of Minnesota Twin Cities class of 2017)
    • Sungwoo Son (Korea University English class of 2018)
    • Jiseok Song (Kookmin University, class of 2017)
    • Hyunseung Moon (Korea University Electrical Engineering class of 2017)
  6. Junior Associate
    • Shannon Chew (Yonsei Asian Studies class of 2017)
    • Paola Garrido (Yonsei UIC PSIR class of 2017)
    • Jioh Lee (Yonsei Business Administration class of 2020)
    • Saihyun Genie Kim (Yonsei UIC UD class of 2021)
  7. Intern Members
    • Jaemin Jung (Joongdong High School, class of 2018)
  • For detailed bio and contact info, contact us via

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