Betrayal and Retribution; Justice maybe…

Betrayal and Retribution; Justice maybe…


2200 HRS, Jun 15, CW simply announces his violation of Code XXXX to me; he had abandoned his duty as patrol, headed for his home during work hours where he made contact with his family members, received his phone, and brought it into the installation. Pursuant to XXXX, his actions are punishable by martial law XXXX .

Even more troubling to me was the fact that – probably the reason why he brought it up to me in the first place out of guilt) – since XX Jun 2015, under the XXXX, room-mates of law breakers have been made punishable for the same charges additional to the original accomplice after the fact charges. It immediately dawned upon me that the moment this CW left his duty station or patrol route, he knew he was making myself a part of his crime. Needless to say, I was outraged.

Ever since the outbreak of MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) inside the nation, all ROK Army soldiers were on “lock-down” which disallows them from leaving the installations or receiving visitors. All contact was broken with the outside world where our loved ones were struggling to fight the cancerous disease day after day, their whereabouts and health status unknown to us. I myself was also terrified with concern for my loved ones and resentment towards inept government officials who failed to contain the situation began to surge inside me. I understood the desperate willingness, the urge and need to confirm the safety of his own family. Yet, not once in my term of service had I broken the law. Now, it was very much possible that should I be prosecuted and incarcerated due to CW’s actions which were no fault of my own, the containment of MERS will not be the only deterrent barricading my reunion with my loved ones.

Truthfully speaking, however, I was stupefied more by CW’s recklessness than his incredulous disregard for the people around him. Having moved into Room #419 in March, I had tolerated and endured his childish tantrums and abuse of power for I was wise of his End Time of Service (ETS: leaving the military) coming September this year. He was no friend of mine and neither did he ever attempt to be one.

Too obvious was his attempt to check on my reaction in order to make judgment on whether I would turn him in to the authorities; he was not quite sure if I was a snitch. I looked straight into his face. In his eyes which were full of greed and a tint of concern, I failed to witness malicious intent. It was my conclusion then at that moment that, as most soldiers are, I was facing a foolish young man whom has made a horrible choice, having succumbed to his natural instincts.

I spoke plainly, “What you did was wrong. There are codes respectable men must abide by. My duty as a soldier is to report you, however, my duty as a human being is to allow you to rectify your own mistakes before I condemn you to a definite prison time and PCS(permanent change of station). I have known you for a short while now and this is the only amount of courtesy I am willing to extend to you. I will be moving out of this room, of course, first thing in the morning.”

Horrified, CW pleaded me not to change rooms. His concern was naturally again for his own neck. His deduction was suspicions will rise as to the reason of my sudden action and his reputation will be tarnished whichever reason I would have provided; truth or a lie. I agreed, though I personally had no issue with events turning out that way.

2330 HRS, Jun 15, A Humanitarian Pact was agreed upon by both parties. The terms were as follows:

  • CW will not use his phone inside the barracks RM #419 ever.
  • CW will lock away his phone inside the storage room immediately.
  • CW will remove his phone from the military premises as soon as possible.

In exchange, I agreed not change rooms. It was a leap of faith, if you will. I admittedly have no love for the self-absorbed, preening shit of a boy. Regardless, the offering of chance for repentance and rectification of one’s wrong remained a virtue carved deep into my soul by may parents since my childhood. Forgiveness, I have chosen to believe, was a human response towards such – what I suspected was – absent-mindedness usually accompanied by youth and lack of intelligence. It was a humanitarian attempt, not a legal one. No man is above the law, but laws were made for men; not the other way around.

0140 HRS, 21 Jun 15, the Humanitarian Pact agreed upon as above has been materially breached. I had erred in my judgment.

I was studying into the night, wiling to successfully take my JLPTs coming September. I turned my head, and there he was lying on his bed, having failed to fight back the urge and temptation, using his phone under his blanket sheets which lit up like a firefly in the dark room. I almost snorted at his lousy attempt at disguise, but hid it. 7 times I watched as he repeated to pull out his phone from a purple case for glasses zipping it open, typing messages and reading texts on his phone, and carefully zipping it shut pretending to have just shuffled in his sleep.

[I-Phone, blue black in color encased inside a purple casing for glasses, serial number “KCC-CMM-APA-A1429” engraved in the back of the phone]

Well, I’m moving out and his ass is getting reported.

List of Additional Grievances punishable by martial law are as follows:

  • Lack of respect for personal space and absence of privacy
  • Regularly walks around naked in the room
  • Regularly walks in while I am taking a shower to use the toilet
  • Uses all cabinets including the one assigned to me
  • Throws away my personal effects without permission
  • Regularly inquires into my schedule
  • Places his personal effects on my bed and table without permission

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