“Common Sense”

Republic of Korea Contemplated; An Insider’s View

Dimitri Hermes


  • Disaster Foreseen, 5 years ago
  • Unspoken Truth, A People in Denial
  • Governance and Citizenship
  • Natural Rights
  • Technicality as Reality, Reality as Technicality
  • Illusion and Public Opinion
  • 17 Foreigners to Democracy
  • Government, A Kin to Dictatorship
  • Brothers? Neighbors? Not too dis-alike
  • Hesitation
  • Basic Training
  • Service
  • Betrayal, Retribution, and Justice maybe…
  • Operation Two-Face; Justice is Served
  • Immigration as an Exit Strategy
  • Persecuted Individuals

Oblivious to the injustices cast upon their heads, they live about their lives. Few realize the forces of evil lurking admist their shadows

intelligent perhaps, but not so smart.

National Traits, where common sense has failed, beaten to a pulp common sense Oh, Sae Hoon

One’s nationality and citizenship is a lottery ticket balloted upon his/her birth.

It is arguable that one’s parents exercise a ceded right of choice as guardians of the newborn, however,

“Rights, natural” is but a mere fiction. As laws are empty absent its enforcement, cries for protection of rights ring hallow

Koreans, South and North in general, are foreigners to the political governing system of democracy, or at least, to its ideal form.


There must be a thin line between conscripted soldiers and that of indentured servitude or slavery. It is a damn shame I cannot tell the difference.

Operation Two-Face; Justice is Served

the downfall of a villain


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