The End – A Pyrrhic Victory

Seungmin P. Jung

  • 12 Credits to Graduation : 3.73 GPA (93.3%)
  • Applications to Law Schools in Great Britain : aborted


What was all of it for?

Had spent 8 years in college only to leave with such disgrace and so much pain. No wonder there is no will to attend the ceremonies or return to the area any time soon. Little solace is found in the fact that I will finally have a bachelor’s degree.

This homecoming was a catastrophe.

Through this traumatic semester, I have learned to always prioritize my academic endeavors over all human relationships. People are fragile and once they sense weakness, betrayal and abandonment ensues, leaving the unexpected and injured in a pit of abyss and despair. Success in human relationships is neither determined by one’s conviction nor devotion. Your own wit and accomplishments in profession are the only possessions no other can rob one of. Where has the ambition to study the law in Great Britain gone to? Lost is the dream of a happy family man, now bitter and sullen as ever. Hereinafter, my sanctuary and home shall depend no longer on another’s heart but my own mind. This is how one chapter ends in this life and where another begins… again.

“Don’t look back. You are on the right track.” – Eric Bibb

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