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This semester we will be exploring the possible legal issues in a hypothetical dispute situation in relation to the Law of the Seas and International Environmental Law.

Members shall set aside time for assigned reading and additional legal research into their weekly schedules to ensure the quality of discussions and active participation. Although no prior knowledge in the field is required, excellent command of the English language is preferred.

Sessions will be held every other Wednesday 1900 – 2130 HRS

  • Textbook :
    • International Law, Malcolm N. Shaw 6th Ed.
    • Brownlie’s Principles of Public International Law, James Crawford 8th Ed.
    • International Law & the Environment, Patricia Birnie, Alan Boyle, and Catherine Redgewell 3rd Ed.
    • 국제법론, 김대순 18th Ed.
Volume I
Week 0

08 MAR

Sources of Public International Law [Crawford]

Subjects of International Law [Crawford]

International Court of Justice [Shaw]

DH : Seungmin
Compromis Analysis (updated version)

i. Acts and Omissions of Ritania

ii. Discuss possible Legal Questions and Implications

Week 1

22 MAR

Sovereignty and Equality of States [Crawford]

Law of the Sea [Crawford]

International Environmental Law [Shaw]

Environment and Natural Resources [Crawford]

DH : Sun

DH : Shannon

Week 2

05 APR

The Law of Responsibility [Crawford] DH : Paola

Whether EIGP’s acts are attributable to Ritania [Seungmin]

Whether Amalea is entitled to compensation from Ritania [Seungmin]

Volume II
Week 3

26 APR

The Law of Treaties [Shaw] DH : Heedong

What are the legal obligations of Ritania under the MGT? [Gabin]

Is MGT’s obligations Illusory? [Daniel]

Is the Construction of Excelsior Island legal under PIL? [Daniel]

Week 4

10 MAY

Rights and Obligations of States Concerning Protection of the Environment

[Birnie, Boyle, and Redgwell]

DH : Saehyeon

DH : Jioh


Is Duty Not to Cause Transboundary Harm applicable? [Daniel]

What are Ritania’s obligations under CIL? (Due Diligence)


Week 5

24 MAY

Wrap up day DH : Gabin

Applicable General Principles of International Law [Gabin]

Compromis Overview and Analysis Review

Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Final Round 2014

@ Yonsei Samsung Library

Week 6

28 JUN

End of Semester Dinner Summer Vacation Period

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