The Homecoming #001: MUST TAKE courses list

Seungmin P. Jung

Only 10 credits away from graduation, I have set a few goals to achieve in the year 2017. Listed below are some of – that I believe to be – the best courses offered at UIC, I will surely regret if I miss out on before I leave. Note that despite the fact that I am a Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) major, I cannot but admit that there are more interesting courses offered under other majors. Having satisfied my minimum major credit requirements, I plan to fully exercise my liberty to take these very courses. Also, be reminded that these are strictly personal selections, but please go ahead and consider them too if you will.

  • Seminar Requirement (1)
    • History and Memory in East Asia UIC3514-01-00
    • Modern German History UIC3575-01-00
    • Advanced Debate Workshop UIC3535-01-00
    • Introduction to Continental Philosophy UIC3563-01-00
    • Topics in Classical Greek Philosophy UIC3568-01-00
    • Culture, Media, and the Politics of Beauty UIC3587-01-00
    • The Sociology of Biblical Literature UIC3615-01-00
    • Philosophy of Race and Gender UIC3655-0-00
  • Justice & Civil Leadership
    • Fundamentals of Constitutionalism JCL2003-01-00
    • Citizens, Law, and Policy Making JCL2007-011-00
    • International Intellectual Property Law JCL3103-01-00
    • The Law of International Business Transactions JCL3104-01-00
    • The Rule of Law in Theory and Practice JCL4002-01-00
    • Social Innovation Seminar STP3007-01-00
  • Techno-Art and Division
    • Intellectual Property Rights LAW3130-01-00
    • Strategic Marketing CDM4003-01-00
    • Introduction to Management CTM1001-01-00
    • Technovation: Introduction to Technology Management CTM2001-01-00
    • Introduction to Information Systems Management CTM2002-01-00
    • Strategy for Creative Technology Business CTM2003-01-00
    • Introduction to Data Science CTM2014-01-00
    • Digital Social Media CTM2013-01-00
    • Business Models in Creative Technology Industry CTM3001-01-00
    • Information Science of Entrepreneurship CTM3009-01-00
    • Smart Service Systems CTM3014-01-00
  • Political Science and International Relations
    • American Elections and Campaigns POL3150-01-00
    • Theories of Democracy POL3110-01-00
    • Causes of War and Peace in International Relations POL4830-01-00
    • Political Data Analysis POL4835-01-00
    • Public Choice POL3869-01-00
    • Reconciliation and Justice in East Asia POL3870-01-00

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