Stetson Study Group (Team Name pending…)

Record Analysis Meeting #002

  • Participants : Lee HD, Yoo SJ, and Jung SM
  • Meeting #004 on 03 SEP 16, 13oo HRS @ Sinchon Samsung Library RM #B4
    • 2nd Reading of the Record and Analysis
    • Finalizing Request for Clarification
    • Deciding Sides and Developing Argumentation
    • Assigning Research and Designating Parts of the Memorandum
    • Deciding on Team Name and finalizing Application
    • Announcement of Team Schedule
    • Schedule Alignment for SEP – DEC 2016


All Team Members MUST be prepared for the meeting by (1) having read and analyzed the Record thoroughly and studied according to the Reading Schedule, (2) bringing questions or requests for clarification on the Record to share with the Team, and (3) a set Schedule for the 2nd Semester in order to coordinate working hours.

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