The Legal Life #001 Prep’n I for IP Cont’d

[ D – 19 ]

Seungmin P. Jung

Let me show you how a JS & Associates Partner prepares for an internship program at an elite Law Firm specializing in Intellectual Property Rights and International Arbitration. In order to make a successful come-back from a curious and regretful two year leave of absence from excellence, Seungmin endeavors to reclaim the honour and glory once he had brought to this remarkable organization. Here is the required reading list for Seungmin for the next 19 days. May the odds be forever in your favour, young Sith Lord!

  • Intellectual Property Law (IPR)
    • Insight+ 상표법 2016 (Trademark Law)
    • Insight+ 디자인보호법 2016 (Design Protection Act)
    • (판례가 풀어 해설한) 지적재산권 법전 (IPR explained via Case Law)
  • Civil Law (민법)
    • 2015 법행 바이블, 유승환 (Bible on Administrative Law)
    • 법률용어사전 (Dictionary on Legal Terminology)
  • Arbitration and IPR
    • 2015 Arbitration Course and Reading Material, Prof. Kim Joon Ki
    • The Arbitrability of International Intellectual Property Disputes, William Grantham (1996)
    • Arbitrating International Intellectual Property Disputes, Joseph P. Zammit and Jamie Hu
  • EU and IPR (in relation to R.O.K.)
    • 한국 유럽연합 자유무역협정이 국내 변리사에 미칠 영향 (The Impact Assessment on KOR-EU FTA on Intellectual Property Law Attorneys in Korea)
  • Engineering
    • James Juett, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Jordan, Pat 1947 – Foundations of Excel for Engineers and Scientists
    • Burtrand Russell
  • Legal Research on IPR
    • Westlaw
  • Basic Business English
    • Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE


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