Unfaltering Allure of SNU #006 : Summoned by Seoul Central District Court

Enzo Miraslov


Comments by Enzo: There is no better chance to gain insight into the Korean legal system than being a part of the process. Prosecutor Hwang has decided to summon me on a Traffic Accident Case involving Bodily Injuries as a witness against the accused. Let us examine the Korean Legal System’s interpretation of Justice.

Case Summary (Facts) : At approximately 0200 HRS, 02 Jan 16, [deducted identity] was arrested on scene by Yongsan Main KNP for Driving Under Influence (DUI), Traffic Accident causing Bodily Injuries, and Attempt to Flee the Scene. [deducted identity] left the KNP to be subpoenaed on 05 Jan 16. [deducted identity] was ordered to pay a fine of 4,000,000 KRW, however appealed. Court date for this case has been set on [deducted date].

Expected Testimony by Enzo : “Local Korean National Police stationed at Yongsan in-where a  healthy population of foreigners form a community MUST be able to communicate – at the minimum – in English. This is a reasonable expectation to ensure effective Law Enforcement and Justice.” + “I do not remember.”


MiraslovJoining in 2016, Enzo Miraslov is a Junior Editor at J&S Associates. The comment, writing, or column does not represent  the official position of YULS.



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