Review of Democratic Debate in Brooklyn: How did Clinton get Berned?:

Sanders’ Speaking Strategy and Tactics as a Debater

Seungmin Jung

On 14 Apr 2016, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton face off at Brooklyn, New York for their nineth debate in the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination as Presidential Candidate.

Here I shall (1) evaluate the speaking strategies implemented by and skills of Senator Sanders (2) in direct contrast to that of Secretary Clinton, (3) assess the truthfulness of both Candidate’s most controversial and intriguing statements, and (4) ultimately argue – based on these analysis – that Sanders was the more convincing, persuasive, and credible speaker on stage. I have demonstrated below, respectively, the transcript of the arbitrator’s question, victorious Candidate’s speech and analysis of the question and responses given as evidence to support my claim.

Senator Sanders in this debate has but a few simple yet clear messages for the New York Electorates:

  • (1) Secretary Clinton’s financial connection with Wall Street poses a serious doubts on her capability to break down financial institutions and bring about economic justice.
  • (2) Secretary Clinton’s voting record in the Senate and work as Secretary of State pose serious doubts as to her capability to save U.S. from any further military turmoils abroad and bring back decent jobs.
  • (3) It is a time for Revolution.

In contrast, Secretary Clinton takes on a more confident coming off as pompous – presidential – attitude which served to be devastating when she failed to convincingly answer some of

  • Q #001) Senator Sanders, in the last week you have raised questions about Secretary Clinton’s qualifications to be President. You said that “something is clearly lacking in terms of her judgement” and you accused her of having a credibility gap. So let me ask you, do you believe Secretary Clinton has the judgement to be President?

Victor : Bernie Sanders

  • Answer of Sanders : “I have known Secretary Clinton – how long? (to Clinton) – for 25 years and we worked together in the Senate and I said that in response to the kind of attacks we were getting from the Clinton Campaign. Washington Post Headline says Clinton Campaign had said Sanders is not qualified and this was what the surrogates were saying.
  • “Does Secretary Clinton have the experience / the intelligence to be President? of course she does. BUT I DO QUESTION BUT I DO QUESTION HER JUDGEMENT (over the crowd cheering for Clinton). I question her judgement because
    • (1) she voted for the war in Iraq, the worst foreign policy plunder in the history of this country;
    • (2) she voted for every virtually disastrous trade agreement that caused us millions of decent paying jobs; and I QUESTION HER JUDGEMENT
    • (3) about running Super PACs which are collecting tens of millions of dollars from special interests including 15 million dollars from Wall-street.
  • I do not believe this is the kind of judgement we need nor the President we need.”

*** Analysis of the Question : Too Easy. This opening question of the night is NOT asking whether Secretary Clinton is under-qualified to be carrying out her current occupation as Secretary of State or as a possible Candidate for the Democratic Party: it is asking whether if Sanders thinks that she has the judgement to be President.

*** Strategy Analysis and Tips : Important to notice here is that from the very beginning, Sanders establishes A firm “YES” is Sanders’ reply which is shortly followed by four solid cases in which Secretary Clinton’s past choice as a Politician has led to disastrous and regretful results: thus, a probable cause to question her judgement. To be fair, one’s extensie political career will undoubtedly

Sanders catches on from the very beginning understanding that while the arbitrator is suggesting that Sanders

This opening question is a slightly loose curve ball aimed at Sanders’ swing and a miss. By placing Sanders in an awkward position in where he cannot reasonably deny that Secretary Clinton, due to her experience and success in the political sphere,

Sanders formulates his responses

He carefully makes sure he does not repeat the message Clinton Campaign was slipping

Secretary Clinton’s strategy in response to Sanders’ answer is

“I have been called a lot of things in my life, [unqualified] that was a first”

people of NY voted for me twice to be their Senator President Obama asked me to be Secreatary of State

New York Daily News Interview of Sanders – had problems when asked about core issues how to break down banks, foreign policy issues (afghanisatn ISrael)

Need the Judgement on Day One.


“Let us talk about Judgement.

Let’s talk about   501 C4s money undisclosed

do we really feel confidant about a Candidate whom says when she is so dependent on big money interest. Thirdly,   thinking big not small  gurantee helath care to all peoples ”

President was not influecned when he signe dDodd Frank

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Q #002)

breaking up big banks




Hillary Clinton’s revealed weakness as a Presidential Candidate so far :

  • Failure to reveal the transcript of her Speeches given at major institutions and the establishment in return for a handsome amount of money which seem to suggest that she


Result of NY Democratic Caucus : Hillary Clinton Victory

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