Unfaltering Allure of SNU #002 : Japanese as 3rd Language

Enzo Miraslov

In my application, I shall attempt to uniquely position myself as a to-be practitioner and scholar with true international competitiveness in the field of Public International Law (Use of Force and Rule of War), especially in the East Asian region. Demonstrating my potential to attain proficiency in a foreign language within a short amount of time will lend support to my persuasiveness. Recently, Japan has modified its Constitution so that its Armed Forces may actively partake in warfare in foreign territories which had been successfully banned since World War II as a punishment for the deadly havoc it has wreaked. For the Korean peninsula, I would argue, that learning Japanese to gain first-hand knowledge on the Japanese leadership’s perspective on what are binding Rules of War or Engagement in the international field is an essential quality at such unpredictable times. Note N 5 is for novices. A 2 months in total preparation time will be given for this task.

  • Goal : 2016年 4月 JLPT N 5 Prep Full Score 180 Points
    • Mock Exam 1回: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading (/120), Listening (  /60)
    • Mock Exam 2回:
    • Mock Exam 3回:
    • Mock Exam 4回:
    • Mock Exam 5回:
    • Mock Exam 6回:
  • 1 敎時 Vocabulary Section : 25 Minutes
    • Reading Letters : 12 Questions
    • Writing Letters : 8 Questions
    • Choosing Appropriate Words : 10 Questions
    • Finding Synonymous Sentences : 5 Questions
  • 2 敎時 Grammar and Reading Section : 50 Minutes
    • df
    • Sentence Order : 5 Questions
    • Filling in the Blanks : 5 Questions
  • 3 敎時 Listening Section : 30 Minutes

Without a doubt, one must receive a full score in Listening Section. Same applies to Vocabulary and Reading Section. We shall allow one or two errors in Grammar Section.

  • Exam Date : 03 Jul 16 @
  • Results :

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