La Coréen at Eternal Unrest

あおやま, ミナ

People living in the petite Peninsula attached to the East of the Chinese and South of Russian continent (North of Japanese archipelago), nowadays whom are commonly referred to as “Koreans,” have unsurprisingly forever suffered from chaos and turmoil brought about by their neighboring foreign powers incomparable in sheer size. What is in fact shocking, however, is this people’s lack of respect or acknowledgement for their own rich history which tells one consistent tale: the horrendous and devastating war imminent upon their doorsteps unnoticed every single time by its corrupt Leadership.

Ancestral Korean Communities have historically bowed down to greater powers of the South, West, and North as a survival strategy with one spectacularly exceptional period: Goguryeo.

In 1359 A.D., “Koreans” while living under a community … were ransacked by a pack of Chinese thieves ..

In mid 16th Century

In 1630 A.D.,

The time of rupture and … once again dawns upon the Korean people … and war is once again dawning upon us.



minaJoining in 2015, Ms. Aoyama is a Junior Associate at YULS. The comment, writing, or column does not represent the official position of YULS.

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