[Hint] Commonly Asked Questions

“Welcome inquisitive one. You have discovered this hidden page created specifically for and disclosed only to prospective ULS Members/Applicants whom have demonstrated true passion and determination for the law. Provided below is a comprehensive list of most commonly asked questions during the past years of ULS’ entrance interviews. Familiarize yourself with and make use of them to your advantage!”

Reading Material

Q) What is Public International Law (PIL)?

Q) Explain the Sources of PIL?

Q) Is priority placed on a certain source of international law? If so, when?

Q) Define Customary International Law (CIL) in detail and cite one example of CIL

Q) What would happen if a State’s obligations under a Treaty and CIL collide?

Q) Define Jus cogens (Peremptory Norm) and cite one example of Jus cogens. / Explain the relationship between Jus cogens and obligations erga omnes.

Q) Cite one contemporary dispute involving PIL?

Q) Explain Pacta sunt servanda


Off Material Questions

  • What is the “Law”?
  • Explain the difference between “Legality” and “Morality”
  • “Law exists to govern and rule over the weak and unwise” Comment
  • “Law exists to bind public officials from abusing their power” Comment
  • “Law exists to bring order to and stabilize society” Comment


If you have your own answers to the questions above, be assured you are more than prepared. Cheers!